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Tranny Nikki Getting Naughty With Mariana Cordoba

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It’s no secret that Mariana Cordoba has the hugest, hardest cock of them all. And it’s also no secret that she would have them lining up around the block just for the faintest chance of sucking on her giant meat. Alas, she has a boyfriend, so for now we’ll just have to make do with imagining that were our mouth she was thrusting with her thick, throbbing tool!

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Mariana Cordoba looks surprisingly convincing as a slutty yet disciplined school teacher. I can’t imagine Mariana would take any crap from her students. After all, she wields a powerful disciplinary tool right in her skirt! Any nonsense and she would be shoving her big cock in your mouth and ramming your tight ass!

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The one and only Mariana Cordoba should need no introduction as I’m sure her reputation precedes her! How a girl so beautiful can wield such a powerful weapon is beyond me but she manages it with both style and class! Biggest shemale cock in the world? You be the judge…

Images c/o TSMarianaCordoba.com